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Classic Teas 

Jasmine Green Tea 
floral blend - light & fragrant   

Black Tea 
assam blend - bold & earthy 


Milk Teas 

Classic Milk Tea 
sweet and creamy black tea 

Thai Tea 

natural, no dye, rich assam tea

Black Sugar Milk Tea
caramel notes of japanese black sugar 

japanese roasted green tea, bold and creamy 

Earl Grey Lavender 
aromatic and floral 



Brown Sugar Matcha Latte
ceremonial matcha, pure dark brown sugar, oat milk 

Pandan Matcha Latte
ceremonial matcha, pressed fresh pandan leaf, pure cane sugar, oat milk

Pistachio Matcha Latte

ceremonial matcha with oat milk, sweet nutty pistachio

Matcha Strawberry 
ceremonial matcha with oat milk, pureed strawberry cream
Iced Matcha Earth 
butterfly pea flower tea with oat milk, pure cane sugar, ceremonial matcha


House Specials  

Toasted Rice Milk
sweetened and comforting  
Strawberry Rose Lemonade
sweet candied strawberries with notes of roses

Hot Chocolate 
creamy homemade, deep chocolate hot cocoa 

Honey Bee 
honey green tea, honey cold foam, honeycomb 
Coconut Lime
creamy coconut milk married with lime syrup and soda 



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